10 Step to Success in Starting a Business

Maybe almost everyone dreams of becoming a big and successful businessman. But did you know that only a small percentage really reaches that dream.

The most common reason you hear is simple, that starting and managing your own business is not as easy as imagined. Besides having to have a mentality as strong as steel, there are other important things that must be prepared so that the results are maximum, what are they?

Here are 10 business tips that are very important for you to see:

1. Must be confident
Begin to be more determined before starting a business. If you are still halfhearted when starting to build a business, you will more easily be dropped by circumstances. Instead of success, the business that you build actually stops in the middle of the road. Confidence and confidence is the initial capital to build a business.

2. Determine the business model that will be run
If your heart is firm, try to start thinking about what business model you will be

3. Make a clear “Business Vision and Mission”
The most important thing when starting a business is to make a business plan that has the flexibility and business innovation in it, don’t forget to include a clear “Vision and Mission” of the business that you are starting. This vision and mission make your business measurable and directed to what it wants to be. You can start to find out information on emerging business trends.

4. Think “Out of the Box”
There is no successful businessman without creative thinking. There have been many creative businesses that have been booming. So from here you have to get used to sharpening the ability to think to be more creative huh. When you’ve thought creatively and saw an opportunity, don’t wait any longer, just brush it!

5. Be diligent in making small notes
Write down all the important things that you get. Starting from the advice of others, the problems and answers that are being faced, until the challenges you face when managing your business. With hope, when the time comes, you will not only bequeath a company but also your experience.

6. Focus on one business first
Don’t rush to double profits by starting a second business. Make sure the business that you manage now is completely stable, both in terms of capital, human resources, and other needs. If the first business is going well, think slowly but surely to open a second business. Remember! Don’t be in a hurry.

7. Prepare for the worst situation
Big guts are needed to be a successful businessman. However, it is not always what you expect it to happen quickly, it certainly requires a process and in the process you could have fallen into a state. What must be done is to analyze and prepare for the worst possible thing that could happen.

8. Run a business that you like
Live something according to passion will make someone more relaxed, even when being hit by a difficult situation. This also applies in the business world. That way, you are guaranteed no difficulty in maintaining a commitment to success

9. Be open to constructive criticism & evaluation
One of the secrets to success is to make use of the “learning process”. Be someone who is always open to criticism and advice from others. Try to evaluate your shortcomings when doing business.

10. Keep learning and don’t get complacent quickly
Every business trip there is a cycle of “up and down”. When the business you are managing has the upper hand, don’t be complacent or arrogant. Use this momentum to further accelerate business. Likewise when your business is lethargic, do not necessarily despair. Open your heart and don’t be shy to ask people who are more successful than you!

How to Build a Company

Many people who have the desire to have their own business, but are hindered by the capital needed. The best solution is to start a home-based business. You can use the empty places in the house such as the yard, garage and kitchen to start running a business. By utilizing a home, you can save substantial capital costs, so that the available capital can be allocated for other needs. Here are some ways you must do when you want to successfully start a home business.

Ask for Family Support

Family becomes the most important element before starting a business, especially if you are just going to start a business. Families become supporters in terms of material and non material. If until the family does not support, the business that you live will be increasingly difficult to grow, it can even fail because there is no support from the family. Therefore, in business, family support is needed, starting from the beginning of pioneering until success later.

Studying Administration

Although the business is only a class of home-based business, but you also need to master the administration, although only simple. Always carry out administrative records in an orderly manner even though the value is fairly small and never mix personal finance with business. One of the main foundations for business continuity that you will live in to be successful is administrative matters.

Keep Your Mind From Failure

Every business has only 2 choices, success or failure. A true businessman will never be afraid of failure, even though he is still a beginner. If from the beginning you were not sure about the business you are doing, you can be sure that the business will fail in the future. Mental business people will usually be strong over time and the obstacles they have faced, it takes a long process to be successful. So, ask yourself, which is strong between thinking success and failure before starting a business.

Define Business Vision & Mission

Determining the vision and mission is important to determine the direction of business goals going forward, even though the business is only a class of home-based, but you also have to define it clearly so that when the business is running, there will be clear goals that are achieved in the future, not only as long as it runs but must have targets. Without a vision and mission, what is the goal and how to achieve that goal becomes difficult to achieve.

Calculate Capital Needs

You will not run a business if you do not have enough capital. Carefully calculate which needs are most important so that the business can run. Avoid purchasing goods that are not necessary. In addition, you can also take advantage of what is around the house to start doing business such as the yard, garage, kitchen, cooking utensils, and so forth.

Select the Field that matches the Passion

Important points to start a business is in accordance with the passion you have. Why does it have to be in accordance with your passion? If based on passion, then what you do will be more energetic and feel lighter. When a business is run with enthusiasm, the business will quickly achieve success. Avoid choosing fields that are not according to passion. So if you like the field of photographer, you can open a photo service at home, or if you like design, you can open a graphic design service. Only with Adobe Photoshop software, you can get extra money as well as passion channeled.

Choose Time to Start

Building a business cannot be done carelessly. Do not be in a hurry, because a business requires careful calculation, you can experience a slight loss. If you choose the wrong time, then your business will fail. For example, when approaching the month of Ramadan, the most appropriate business is selling Muslim clothing and Eid cakes.

Determine the Uniqueness of the Product

When you have started a business, so that the product you have can be well received by consumers, you must have a product that is more unique than similar products. Especially now that competition is getting tougher so that every product that is marketed must be able to attract and attract customers. In addition, by using unique products, your brand will be more easily remembered by consumers.

Do the Promotion Right

Promotion is one of the mandatory things you have to do to introduce the product to potential customers. The more often you do promotions, the more people know about the products you have. In the case of promotion, so as not to spend too much money, the target of the promotion must be right. You can try to promote your product through Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, both platforms can determine the target according to what you want.

Give the best

There is a saying that the buyer is king. Then it is appropriate that you provide the best for buyers so that they feel satisfied. If the buyer is satisfied, then later they will usually come back and suggest to others to come to your business.

After doing the ten ways above to start a home-based business, the next thing you need to do is manage your finances appropriately. With proper financial management, the business will grow and succeed. Journal is an online accounting software that helps you manage business finances easily, safely and quickly. You can record every business transaction anywhere, no need to use thick and heavy accounting books, you can use your smartphone. For information on other interesting features from the Journal, you can get it here.

Social Distancing and Business Strategy

Social distancing seems to be the most talked about topic since the outbreak of COVID-19 became a global pandemic. Social distancing is a campaign for everyone including the government to reduce the number of viruses that have another name SARS-CoV-2.

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing or keeping a distance is an attempt by someone not to interact with a short distance or avoid the crowd. This is done so that droplets or small particles coming out of the human mouth are not scattered and touched by other humans.

Humans can produce at least 500 droplets when talking, 3,000 droplets in one cough, and 10,000 droplets when sneezing. These droplets will spread in the air and can even stick to certain parts of the human body such as the hands. So as to avoid spreading droplets.

But in its development, social distancing turns into physical distancing by quarantining oneself at home and avoiding outdoor activities. It is feared that outbreaks that could have mutated and have the ability to airborne, or live in the air for a long time so that transmission is no longer through liquid or droplet, but from direct air.

Influence and Strategy for Keeping Business Run

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 broke out in Indonesia, small businesses, especially MSMEs, are at risk of loss. For example, barber entrepreneurs, coffee entrepreneurs, and also other small entrepreneurs who need direct interaction. People will not leave the house and will avoid direct physical contact to reduce spread.

For this reason, businesses can change strategies in the marketing process and also in operations. What are the strategic steps that can be taken by small businesses or SMEs?

Micro Business Credit Relaxation Policy

In the midst of the epidemic, it turns out that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) implemented a policy of relaxation of micro business credit. UMKM debtors will get credit allowance in the form of credit payment allowance of up to one year and also a decrease in interest. With this policy, it is expected that SMEs can focus on other financing that directly targets business development.

Making Substitution Products

One effort for SMEs to run is to create supporting products that replace the main products. This is done so that businesses can continue to run in the midst of an outbreak. For example, online motorcycle taxi riders can be affiliated with SMEs to distribute goods so that they can benefit both.

Another example, if you are a coffee entrepreneur, you can sell coffee grounds through social media. If you are a barber businessman, you can sell shaving supplies such as hair creams, hair styling gels, or hair-washing medications. Any idea can be run in the middle of the plague. Stay productive as a business actor and continue to grow.

Change Market Reach

Not much different from making a product substitution, changing market reach means to suppress market reach. For example, your product is usually sold outside Java, so since this outbreak, you can focus on the reach of markets around production. First, to reduce costs. Second, is to avoid transmission for goods expeditioners.

Re-Weighing Assets and Expenditures

Changes in operational and marketing methods must also affect assets and expenses. You can reduce or move the budget where it feels necessary. For example, cutting or eliminating transportation, packaging, or direct marketing budgets. You can also focus your budget on asset depreciation, because during an outbreak like this, depreciation will happen very quickly.

Digital Transform

The final strategy is digital transformation in all aspects. For example in selling products you can rely on internet marketplace, digital marketing, or social media marketing. You can also manage your employees using HR software such as attendance and remote payroll.

Even more important is managing your finances with accounting software. By using accounting software, you can create, control, and also send financial reports without having to interact directly.

As an online accounting software application, the Journal also supports and is committed to helping meet the challenges of maintaining productivity and economic growth amid demands to reduce mobility to the workplace and public crowds through business programs.

Find out more about Journal products on the Journal website or fill out the form below to try the free Journal demo directly. Get a 15 percent discount and try it free for 30 days if you subscribe for 6 months. In addition, you can also get a 35 percent discount and try it free for 60 days if you subscribe for 6 months. This offer is for all packages and is only valid until the end of March 2020. Greetings healthy and productive always!

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Image Result For How To Manage Personal Finances

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Image Result For Managing Finances Worksheet

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Image Result For Examples Of Financial Management Decisions

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