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Jazz Music Festivals

If you are a jazz music lover, chances are that you go to a festival every year. What you probably didn’t know is that there are jazz festivals all over the world. If you like to travel, expand your jazz tastes and go to these international jazz festivals.

Akbank Jazz Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
October 17-October 27

The Akbank Jazz Festival is one of a diverse mixture of sounds from the country as well as all around the world. Last year’s festival was dedicated to Arif Mardin. One artist that has performed there is Kurt Elling. Kurt Elling is very popular in jazz music today. In his ten year career, all six of his albums were nominated for Grammy awards. He has toured all around the world in places including Israel, Japan and Australia. In 2003, he was made Vice Chair on NARAS.(National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) He has an album out this year.

Barbados Jazz Festival, Barbados
January 8-January 14

Some of the artists that will be performing here are Ruben Studdard, Anita Baker, Macy Gray and Robert Glasper. This is not a free Jazz music festival. Prices to hear performances range from $30 to $100, depending on the artist. If you want to attend this jazz music festival, you cannot order tickets internationally. You have to actually be in Barbados and provide the address where you’ll be staying in Barbados and the tickets will be delivered to that address.

Brecon Jazz Festival, United Kingdom
August 11-August 13

Brecon Jazz has been around for twenty-four years. The best jazz music is performed at the brilliant Brecon Beacons National Park. It is located in Wales. The company, Brecon International Festival of Jazz Ltd., a charity organization, is backing the festival has an education and outreach program in Wales and the South-West of England, during the year.
This year, the Brecon Jazz Festival had an Artist-in Residence, Joe Lovano. Joe Lovano is one of the world’s best tenor saxophone players and has been around since the ’70’s. He has performed in Woody Herman’s orchestra and Mel Lewis’s orchestra. The music he then went on to create broke boundaries collaborating with artists such as John Scofield, Hank Jones and Bill Frisell. He led the BBC Big Band at Brecon, taught a masters class to young welsh Jazz musicians. This year Brecon also featured “Women in Jazz”. A couple of the artists were: Jessica Williams from the U.S. and Hiromi from Japan.

Copenhagan Jazz Festival, Denmark
July 6- July 15

In case you didn’t know, the Danish are really into jazz. New artists as well as the old have been performing in the city. The concerts in the day are perfomed near the canals and historic homes. Some prefer to play small, crowded clubs. Every live performance is electrifying and memorable. Artists that have performed here are George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars, McCoy Tyner Trio, Scandinavian Brasillian-Big Band,Mavis Staples W. Band, The Zawinul Syndicate and Maceo Parker. Jazz music is not something that is only appreciated in the states, but everywhere around the world. It is important to experience jazz music in other places so that the magic of jazz will ever be broadened, shared and continued to be translated for years to come.

Art Blakey

The beginning career of jazz music legend Art Blakey was amazing. He took piano lessons at school. When he was in the seventh grade he played music full-time and was leading a popular band. Not too long after, he started playing drums in the style of such players as Ray Bauduc, Chick Webb and Sid Catlett. He taught himself how to play.

He played with Mary Lou Williams at Kelly’s Stable in 1942. Next, with Fletcher Henderson for the next two years, and he toured with. Art then went to Boston to lead a big band, then joined Billy Eckstine’s band in St. Louis. Art stayed with that band from 1944-1947.

Art was considered to be among jazz music’s finest musicians such as Fats Navarro, Miles Davis and Dexter Gordon. In 1947 when Eckstine’s band broke up, Art started the Seventeen Messengers. He would go on to have several other groups with this same name. He then went to Africa to learn all about Islamic people for over a year. By the 1950’s he performed with Clifford Brown, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and Horace Silver.

After they performed together many times, he started another group with Horace which included Kenny Dorham, Hank Mobley with the name Jazz Messengers. Horace left a year later. He was the known leader of the band. The Jazz Messengers played hard-bop jazz music. The roots of which were blues music. Hard bop is a mixture of bebop with gospel and soul music. An example of this is his album Moanin’ recorded on Blue Note Records in 1958. They fought hard to keep black people interested in jazz, when the ballroom jazz music disappeared. Many young musicians during the years have been influenced by this style. Jazz musicians such as Keith Jarrett, JoAnne Brackcen, Woody Shaw , Donald Byrd, Delfeayo, Branford and Wynton Marsalis.

In 1971 to 1972, Art world toured with the biggest names in jazz music such as Kai Winding, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk. He also performed a lot at the Newport Jazz Festival. The best performance was when he was in a battling performance with Buddy Rich, Max Roach and Elvin Jones in 1974. Art continued to tour nonstop with help from Donald Harrison and Terence Blanchard, along with younger musicians such as Benny Green.

Art never thought of his music as similar to African style, although he did use some of their techniques such as using his elbow on the tom-tom to alter pitch. His trademark, the forced closing of the hi-hat on each second and fourth beat was created in 1950-1951, which many jazz musicians copied.

A major jazz musician and innovative in his drum style, he was unique and performed with power. The way he played was loud and aggressive. The jazz critics basically ignored what he did in the 1960’s. American audiences left him behind in the 1970’s when rock music took over the scene.

He always made time for young jazz musicians, listening to them, and helping them with their jazz music careers.

10 Step to Success in Starting a Business

Maybe almost everyone dreams of becoming a big and successful businessman. But did you know that only a small percentage really reaches that dream.

The most common reason you hear is simple, that starting and managing your own business is not as easy as imagined. Besides having to have a mentality as strong as steel, there are other important things that must be prepared so that the results are maximum, what are they?

Here are 10 business tips that are very important for you to see:

1. Must be confident
Begin to be more determined before starting a business. If you are still halfhearted when starting to build a business, you will more easily be dropped by circumstances. Instead of success, the business that you build actually stops in the middle of the road. Confidence and confidence is the initial capital to build a business.

2. Determine the business model that will be run
If your heart is firm, try to start thinking about what business model you will be

3. Make a clear “Business Vision and Mission”
The most important thing when starting a business is to make a business plan that has the flexibility and business innovation in it, don’t forget to include a clear “Vision and Mission” of the business that you are starting. This vision and mission make your business measurable and directed to what it wants to be. You can start to find out information on emerging business trends.

4. Think “Out of the Box”
There is no successful businessman without creative thinking. There have been many creative businesses that have been booming. So from here you have to get used to sharpening the ability to think to be more creative huh. When you’ve thought creatively and saw an opportunity, don’t wait any longer, just brush it!

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5. Be diligent in making small notes
Write down all the important things that you get. Starting from the advice of others, the problems and answers that are being faced, until the challenges you face when managing your business. With hope, when the time comes, you will not only bequeath a company but also your experience.

6. Focus on one business first
Don’t rush to double profits by starting a second business. Make sure the business that you manage now is completely stable, both in terms of capital, human resources, and other needs. If the first business is going well, think slowly but surely to open a second business. Remember! Don’t be in a hurry.

7. Prepare for the worst situation
Big guts are needed to be a successful businessman. However, it is not always what you expect it to happen quickly, it certainly requires a process and in the process you could have fallen into a state. What must be done is to analyze and prepare for the worst possible thing that could happen.

8. Run a business that you like
Live something according to passion will make someone more relaxed, even when being hit by a difficult situation. This also applies in the business world. That way, you are guaranteed no difficulty in maintaining a commitment to success

9. Be open to constructive criticism & evaluation
One of the secrets to success is to make use of the “learning process”. Be someone who is always open to criticism and advice from others. Try to evaluate your shortcomings when doing business.

10. Keep learning and don’t get complacent quickly
Every business trip there is a cycle of “up and down”. When the business you are managing has the upper hand, don’t be complacent or arrogant. Use this momentum to further accelerate business. Likewise when your business is lethargic, do not necessarily despair. Open your heart and don’t be shy to ask people who are more successful than you!

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Car Service In Jacksonville Fl

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How To Manage Financial Budget

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How To Manage Financial Resources

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Image Result For How To Manage Financial Resources

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How To Manage Personal Finances

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Image Result For How To Manage Personal Finances

It is never too late to start managing your personal finances. Learn five keys that can help you gain the control to improve your financial situation..Here are fundamental steps to help you manage your money the right way Create a budget. Understand your expenses. Understand your income. Consolidate your debt. Slash or remove unnecessary expenses. Create an emergency fund. Save percent for retirement. Review and understand your credit report..Take inventory of your finances. . Build a money management blueprint. . Make savings a habit. . Be persistent. Mastering your money is about more than .Create and Manage your personal Budget. Budgeting has a bad reputation among a lot of America households who view it as a way to strip all the fun out of .Financial management is an important part of financial planning. When managing personal finances, having a clear objective and knowledge about one s .Discover helpful personal finance tips for topics such as home ownership, taxes, and credit with these articles from Better Money Habits..First Things First A Few Financial Basics. Create a Financial Calendar. Check Your Interest Rate. Track Your Net Worth. Set a Budget, Period. Consider an All Casht. Take a Daily Money Minute. Allocate at Least of Your Income Toward Financial Priorities. Budget About of Your Income for Lifestyle Spending..Let s get you started with downright simple steps how to manage personal finance today. Browse Our Guide STEP Start .

Managing Finances Worksheet

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Image Result For Managing Finances Worksheet

Budget spreadsheets are available to help you manage any type of budget. While not a spreadsheet, the CFPB offers a budgeting worksheet to help you plan..Our helpful worksheets cover several topics, from budgeting to retirement savings and are built specifically to take the stress out of managing your personal .Free Budget Worksheet. Input your income and expenses, and we ll show how your spending compares to the budget..Always keep track of your financial health. These free Excel spreadsheet templates are the tools you need to manage your money..Your first budget should really be easy to manage and keep up with to help you get a handle on your finances. Using a simple, free budget template is .A money management spreadsheet or worksheet is an important document you can use for budgeting, .Examine your past finances to create a plan for all future spending and savings. In other words, a review of your expenses and spending habits will enable you .The main budget worksheet is still monthly, but now you have both options. Update To allow more categories, I have added expense and .Here are eight free money management worksheets and tools that will help you take control of your finances..